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Your unique capability in Leadership, Executive Team Development, and Cultural Transformation has been instrumental in the significant progress we have made. Many thanks, Mr. Avanish Singh Visen for your support.

Avi Kapoor

Mr.Avanish Singh A great leader with a clear vision and innovative thoughts. His innovative solutions have been enormously helpful in organizing our successful transformational agenda. We are grateful to Avanish Singh Visen.


Conscious leadership is exactly what is required to move any change effort forward. Mr. Avanish Singh Visen is the best example of that. He created tremendous and flexible solutions for our business in the market. Thank you Mr. Avanish Singh Visen.


I kept being surprised by Avanish Singh's clear approach. He has taken responsibility for solving complex, large scale change efforts for increasing our sales. He is the best business leader, who works with speed, time and accuracy.