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Keep Your Summer Cooler With uPVC Windows

Maybe you’re wondering why there is a need for you to install such windows. As one of the leading UPVC window manufacturers in India, we at Encraft are aware of the insulation and thermal properties of uPVC windows that can help you keep your homes cool this summer. With our highly skilled team, we will help you install these windows and spare you from the extreme heat outside. The materials that we use in our uPVC windows and doors are guaranteed to be durable and sturdy enough to withstand any kind of weather in India. As one of best system provider of windows and doors, we guarantee to give your homes supreme and complete insulation properties to keep you warm and cool – depending on the weather outside.

Moreover, how will uPVC windows and doors truly help in preventing extreme heat to come inside your home?


Double or triple glazing your windows can help so much in preventing heat from coming in and out of your homes, hence; increases the thermal insulation properties in your homes. Aside from this, you can also reduce the noise and condensation from outside.


uPVC windows and doors have low u value, meaning the insulating value of these uPVC windows and doors are superb – it can effectively prevent heat transfer from outside and hinder it to come through and getting inside your homes.


Glazing your windows nowadays require thinner frames because these are airtight and ventilation.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient ( SGHC )

uPVC windows and doors nowadays have lower SGHC, meaning, these windows can block the heat that is caused by the sunlight outside; hence, when you use UPVC windows, this can keep your homes feel cool and refreshed despite the extreme weather outside.

Draught Proofing

Draught proofing your doors can seal it better and prevent it from getting too much damage.

Now that you know these five good things about installing insulation uPVC windows and doors, perhaps you will now opt for having it in your homes?

Here, you can rely on Encraft to give you the highest quality uPVC windows and doors and trust that our team will install it in your home appropriately and above all our support is just call away and we provide complete warranty

Avanish Singh Visen
CEO - DCJ Group