Indian CSR Awards 2021 - Philanthropist

Avanish Singh Visen is Director at DCJ GROUP & having Amore than a decade industrial experience from various Industrial sector like Automotive, IT, Home Appliances, Polymer & Fenestration Industry, primarily in Supply Chain Operation & Sourcing Management. He had served different industry at various key positions in companies like Lenovo, Videocon, Mahindra, Tafe.

Highly Accomplished Professional with nearly 18+ years of experience in Operations , Supply Chain & Business Management. Nearly one decade of experience in UPVC fenestration Industry.

DCJ Group's Contribution towards COVID-19 Relief in India.
The second wave of COVID-19 has taken India by storm, and while a lot of us are blessed enough to quarantine at home with access to basic needs and amenities. Unfortunately, a devastatingly high number of people are suffering, creating an urgent need for the privileged to step in and help.

COVID-19 vaccinations passed the 100-crore mark in India last week, which means majority of the workforces might have their employees fully vaccinated.

At DCJ Group, our priority is always to make sure that our people are safe and sound, as such, we have conducted Vaccination Drives at our workplace during which all the employees and their immediate family members got fully vaccinated(by 30'Sep'2021). We are still taking all the relevant precautions to safeguard our employees and community.

As the country continues to fight with a far deadlier and dangerous second wave of COVID-19, India's healthcare system is severely under pressure due to the mounting number of cases vastly disproportionate to the availability of medical equipment and supplies. DCJ Group has stepped up to offer much-needed assistance to help combat the crisis - installed contactless sanitizing machines at various points in the community, donated strong, sturdy, and comfortable uPVC beds to hospitals.

Wherever possible, we have enabled work from home for our people. We have procured sophisticated virtual tools and technologies so that our customers can get to shop our comprehensive and excellent range of uPVC and Aluminous doors and windows from the comfort of their homes. For our front-line workers on the production floor, we have enabled all sorts of safety measures to safeguard and protect them from COVID and have taken care of our people who were impacted by COVID.

People are our driving force, and many families were affected due to loss of pay and retrenchments. At DCJ Group, we know the importance of a family and how challenging it is for our employees to nurture their families during difficult times. As such, we have done our best by providing salary appraisals.

Since our inception, the pursuit of continuous improvement has been at the heart of everything DCJ Group does. The challenges facing our society and humanity present both an opportunity and a responsibility for us to do and be better. As we rise to meet the world's challenges in this unique moment, I see a bright future ahead for all of us, unified by our shared purpose of Valuing Life and empowered by the values set forward by our beloved founder Shri D.C Jain, we will continue to make meaningful progress and deliver the best to our people, community, and nation.

Avanish Singh Visen
CEO - DCJ Group