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Avanish Singh Visen - The Most Admired Global Indians 2020 (PASSION VISTA)

AVANISH SINGH VISEN - A Passionate Entrepreneur with a Gusto of Courage and Endurance

CEO of the DCJ Group, Avanish Singh is popular among people for his positive attitude, business vision, focus, and enthusiasm. With the belief that reflective observation is an integral component of his experiential learning, he enjoys spending time and conversing with people. While it relaxes his mind, it also helps him keep an open mind, stay transparent, and uphold the integrity that helps people recognize his vision, mission, and passion.

Avanish’s career has been one with several learnings. One of his most significant ones is to coach managers to diffuse their intensity so that employees, partners, and clients don’t feel overwhelmed. Intrepid to commit mistakes, he wakes up every day with positivity, focus and a drive to lead by example, find new avenues, and overcome obstacles by being on the edge of customers, market needs, and technological trends.

He considers errors of judgments to be the source of expanding creativity, solving problems, and re-doing the same thing in different, successful ways. While we’re on the subject of creativity, it is essential to mention that Avanish is someone who bubbles with ingenious ideas. Bearing in mind that there is always more than one solution to a problem, he revels in finding unique solutions to enrich the company’s innovative quotient.

The man who promotes that opportunities do not come but entail creation gives utmost importance to make the best use of time by making speedy decisions with collective analysis. This practice helps gain a competitive edge in life. Avanish is completely on board with the Indian Prime Minister’s Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative since it contributes to making India a manufacturing hub. He wishes to play a momentous role in making this dream come true by investing time in R&D and up-gradation methods for his products.

In the wake of the pandemic, Avanish did everything a business owner should have to keep his employees safe. He invested in many virtual advancements to reach consumers from the comfort of their homes. With a strong hand on making technological progress with state-of-the-art technology, Avanish is beyond proud that his team rose with the challenge thrown by the pandemic with flexibility, resilience, courage, and a caring heart.

As the CEO of the company, he is responsible for every small and big thing. Avanish relies on his strengths for getting things in place the way he envisions. Building positive relationships with his employees and customers is of utmost importance since he doesn’t want to forget that everyone is human before playing their designated roles in life. Entirely in love with the work he does, Avanish is a strong decision-maker who doesn’t believe in over-thinking anything. Keeping a bird’s eye view is one of his many fortes, an attribute that inspires many around him.

Avanish defines passion as “the willingness to suffer and to face what you love.” There is a saying that when you are passionate, you can create the same sense in the people around you and drive them with more energy. The forever-happy CEO agrees with the statement. “As I am passionate about what I am doing, none of the challenges stopped me from achieving my goals and dreams.” Therefore, he always imparts to hold on to the passion and to chase it with dedication.

His company, Encraft, is always on the path to evolution and innovation. Their high-quality product, special fittings, glazing, and expert installation always ensure enhanced security. Avanish is looking forward to the newer technological advancements in the coming years, including app-controlled doors and windows to reduce physical contact with such day-to-day objects. In the list of many prestigious awards, some that Avanish is immensely proud of include the Most Trusted Brand and Leader, Power Brands -Rising Stars of 2020, Most Trusted CEO, India’s Inspirational Brands & Leaders, 50 Most Inspiring CEO, and Forbes India- High Performing Human Assets.

It takes a lot of guts to be aggressive, courageous, dynamic, and always lead by example. But Avanish doesn’t find this exhausting as far as he enjoys what he does. He advocates building a heart-to-heart relationship with people around with complete transparency and integrity

Avanish Singh’s message for the readers is a reminder to live life more than worrying about the things to come. “Love your life, keep doing what you love, and never stop believing in yourself. Take care of all your thoughts, and your character & success will be taken care of automatically.”

Avanish Singh Visen
CEO - DCJ Group