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Interview With Annual CW 2020 Viewpoint

The use of technology enables customers to get access to the best of the fenestration sector, even in the new normal, says AVANISH SINGH VISEN

Innovation makes the world better. And as a leading manufacturer of uPVC doors and windows, Encraft India Private Ltd, a DCJ Group company, is wholeheartedly committed to innovation.

We continuously renew ourselves with our adherence to Kaizen, closely follow technological developments, and consistently introduce the market to innovative products to build ‘a world more liveable’, drawing from our sustainable business model.

Whatever we do, we always ensure we put our customers first. And in this new normal, our priority is to ensure the safety of our employees, customers, community and nation.

We have made the best use of virtual technologies so customers can enter our showroom from the comfort of their home, take a walkthrough, visualise our colour palette and details in 3D and select products. We are also bringing in augmented reality (AR), where customers can meet our design consultants online and get to see how their home or space looks like after installing Encraft uPVC windows and doors. We are also building an app where customers can pick the right installation expert who meet their needs—if a person does not meet safety standards, customers can reject them; we will then allocate another person according to WHO safety standards.

From selecting raw materials to extrusion and installation to take care of every step, from stem to stern, we employ advanced technology. Our large-scale automatic mixing equipment ensures uniform mixing of raw material ingredients scientifically and accurately. Our technology ensures that our profiles are made to virtually any specified dimensions. High-precision extrusion machines used for profiles ensure dimensional accuracy and great surface finish. Each and every profile is stringently tested to meet, and exceed, quality standards. Our design team downloads the project dimensions to our highquality machinery to ensure profiles are engineered to the finest tolerances. With a focus on research, development and design, Encraft continues to raise the bar and push the boundaries when it comes to product innovation.

" The design team downloads the project dimensions to high-quality machinery to ensure profiles are engineered to the finest tolerances."

Encraft uPVC profiles are an architectural classic, with a huge range of designs, frame colours, glazing options, handles and window board finishes. The choice is yours, but the quality is always the highest and confirms to Indian and European standards. Encraft’s wide range of customisation options with respect to the frame, colours and laminations enhance the look and feel of every home or space. Profiles can be laminated with a wide variety of colours and textures, like solid colours or wood texture. Also, a variety of coloured profiles are available. With glazing technology changing so fast, we keep up with all the latest developments, so our customers can enjoy the best from the glazing industry. Indeed, continued investment in infrastructure and technology backed by a great team of people has brought us market-leading success and sustainable, maintained growth.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Avanish Singh Visen, CEO, DCJ Group,

has over 17 years of experience in operations, supply chain and business management with nearly a decade of experience in the UPVC fenestration industry. Other than the polymer and fenestration industry, he has worked in a variety of sectors like automotive, IT and home appliances. He has served different industries in key positions in companies like Lenovo, Videocon, Mahindra and Tafe. He believe every customer is an individual with diverse needs and must be treated like a partner, effectively, reliably and honestly.

Avanish Singh Visen
CEO - DCJ Group