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The Anatomy of Casement Windows That You should Know

Casement windows of Encraft are designed to suit any window replacement thereby giving maximum flexibility for fabricators and clients alike. However, before buying casement windows for your home or office you should know the basic anatomy of the casement window to know their advantages or benefits. Casement windows increase the efficiency of your homes as well as workplaces by keeping the room warmer during the winters and cooler during the summers.

Casement windows from Encraft change your space by making every room brighter in addition to adding value to your property. There are certain terms (parts) of casement windows that you should be familiarized with to understand the anatomy of these windows. Some of these terms include-

Casement Frame

Non movable or fixed portion of the window/door attached to the wall and to which the sash is assembled.

Casement Sash

Sash is the moveable part of the window/door that holds the glass in place.

Glazing Bead

Profile which holds the glass or any other partition material.

Double window

Window with casements in at least two layers that operate independently.


The most chaotic issue that homeowners face during monsoon or right after the monsoon break is termite infestation. This is most common in the case of wooden windows. On the bright side, uPVC windows are not susceptible to termite infection at all, (anti-termites) making them a desired choice for windows.


Profile used within the frame, vertically, in a frame and/or sash.


Material added to individual sash or frame members to increase strength and/or stiffness.

Weather Pile Strip

Strip designed to reduce air infiltration and water penetration.


An espagnolette is a locking device, normally mounted on the vertical frame of a casement window/door. A handle or knob is connected to a metal rod mounted to the surface of the frame, about a metre above the floor

The above-mentioned anatomic terms of Encraft casement windows will help you in understanding your requirements for casement windows to decide on the best style for your home or office.

Avanish Singh Visen
CEO - DCJ Group