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5 Reasons Why You Should Have uPVC Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are not mere passageways to enter a building or look outside. These structures also shower spaces with natural light, ventilation, and security. Additionally, they are responsible for silently furnishing your homes and offices. Therefore, it is an absolute must to choose windows and doors for any space with utmost care.

Why Choose uPVC Doors and Windows?
A product is only as good as its make and quality. When you go shopping for doors and windows, make sure to choose a real expert with substantial experience and a trustworthy reputation.

For instance, Encraft Windows is a trusted brand that offers a host of uPVC windows and doors bound to match your design sensibilities. Let us look at the specific uPVC design range provided by Encraft.

Safety and Security
uPVC frames offer heightened security for you and your family members. Windows and doors made from this material can incorporate multiple locking systems installed at different parts of the structure. For instance, apart from the primary lock, which is usually on one side of the door, Encraft uPVC windows and doors can house locks on the bottom also. This feature significantly heightens security as now an unwanted intruder needs to pick multiple locks installed at different locations of the frame to get in.

Reduce energy bills
uPVC doors are energy-efficient and eco-friendly. A house constantly loses heat or coolness through its doors and windows. As a result, air conditioners and central heating units have to work harder to make up for this loss and keep the house at a constant temperature. uPVC doors insulate a house better than wood or metal doors. The thick panels of uPVC and the double-glazed glass with its layer of insulating gas both significantly decrease the loss of heat and coolness through the door.

This insulation keeps air conditioners and heating units from working overtime which reduces your energy bills and benefits the environment.

Added value and aesthetic appeal
uPVC doors increase the value of a house by boosting security and providing superior insulation, but that is not all. They also add beauty that can be personalized to fit anyone’s preferences. Another great characteristic of uPVC is that it holds colour well. uPVC doors come in classic colours, such as red, green, blue and white, and specialized colours, including Irish oak and rosewood. uPVC never needs to be sanded down and repainted or re-varnished. The only maintenance uPVC doors require is a gentle cleaning from time to time.

Sturdy and Long-Lasting
uPVC windows and doors offered by Encraft Windows are tenacious and can comfortably withstand severe temperature differentials, moisture, strong gushes of wind, and much more. This material is entirely rust and termite-free and lasts for years on end without losing its colour or finish. Unlike other materials, uPVC structures do not expand or contract under the presence of humidity.

Over to You
If you need help with selecting the right kind of uPVC windows and doors, look no further than Encraft uPVC Windows. We have years of experience tending to various glass-related needs. Give us a call or visit our website and allow our team of experts to help you every step of the way – from selection to installation to after-sales support.

Avanish Singh Visen
CEO - DCJ Group